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Antonia Lau Award Winning Radio Talk Show garners over 200,000 listeners worldwide
‘Beyond the Here and Now’  is an Award Winning Radio Talk Show that garners over 200,000 Listeners Worldwide 8 hours Per week .

Created and Hosted by Antonia Lau, the show dispels myths and misconceptions  about the world around you and your place in it.

Based on confirmed Metaphysical/Spiritual Principals after deep research, study and practice for over 40yrs.

Airs Wednesdays 2-4PM, Saturdays & Sundays 2-5PM  Pacific Time  Worldwide ( in a 1 hour format)  at (Digital Radio Over IP)

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Just Tune just before the scheduled times and Click ‘Listen Live‘  (in the upper right hand corner to hear the shows each week)


-For Archived Shows on the subject of Major Earth Changes,  Just Click on the Player Below:

Description: TOPIC: Time to get FOOD & Finances Ready NOW!  The Planned Financial Collapse is in Process NOW! with my GUEST -GEORGE GREEN, Financial Banker/Advisor, Former Elite Insider -discusses the  Current Banking and Monetary Changes and just what YOU need to do to NOW!!

Description:TOPIC-DEC 21, 2012 and BEYOND-Discussing the next several Months and the vital need to PROPERLY Prepare for Survival due the MAJOR PHYSICAL EARTH CHANGES  which will Continue to escalate long after the Mayan Calendar date and the Elite and World Governments Preparing for themselves, while NOT telling the rest of the Population… as a disaster guide for the audience, with my Guest-DAVE WRAXALLPresident of eXtra Sales Generation-Sales and Marketing Guru


Description:TOPIC:  YOUR MONEY AND THE IMPENDING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE– with my GUEST KIM MARIE, MASTER EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGER and Director of School of Evolutionary Astrology Find out whats actually happening, to prepare.


Description:TOPIC-SAFE,SUSTAINABLE LOW COST DISASTER DOME HOUSING YOU CAN BUILD!-with my Guest IAN LODGE, Site Director, for CAL-EARTH Domes- Designed by Berkley, Architectural Engineer, Nader Khalili. Take a Class and learn to build Tested-Proven, Safe,Dome Homes, built to withstand, Disasters such as Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Severe Storms and Conditions. YOU and your Family and Friends can easily build!!  For LITTLE or NO COSTS!


Description:TOPIC: THE URGENT NEED TO GROW YOUR OWN FOOD, with my Guest, DAVID B. SOUTH, Founder and President of MONOLITHIC DOMES discusses his Grow Dome, a small, safe, sustainable, economica unit, that withstands Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods… that produces as much Food as a 600 acre farm, and Grow Cabin that will feed 4 to 5 Families…FOR A YEAR!


Description:TOPIC- Part 1-  What Challenges Lay Ahead  for 2012 and Beyond…and Options in Handling these Major Changes-   with my Guest,GEORGE GREEN- Former Investment Banker, Author, Publisher


Description:TOPIC- Part 2-What Challenges Lay Ahead  for 2012 and Beyond…and Options in Handling these Major Changes–   with my Guest, GEORGE GREEN- Former Investment Banker, Author, Publisher


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