Antonia Lau Best Disaster Survival guide

The first 12 part video series, gave you an overview of the impending Major Earth Changes, how they will affect you and what you need to do to prepare. This VIP Members area, goes into far greater detail and will act as a step-by-step guide to walk you through your preparation. We will be continually updating and adding new material as we go along, so that you always have access to the best information, we can provide. Being properly informed, is the key to making the right decisions for you and your loved one.

Don’t be Scared, Get Prepared!

Module 1 Preparation

Module 1- Antonia talks about what you will need to consider when preparing for the impending events. more »

Module 2 food & water

Module 2- You cannot survive for more than a few days, without a proper supply of fresh, drinking water and food. In this module, Antonia discusses water supply and what types of food you should have and which ones to avoid! more »

Module 3 shelter

Module 3- With the impending events, regular, rectilinear (square) buildings will not survive. Living in your basement will definitely not work either. Antonia advises you on what types of shelters will give you the best chance of survival. more »

Module 4 mind & spirit

Module 4- Antonia discusses what you will need to do to mentally prepare for the trying times ahead. more »

Module 5 community

Module 5- Antonia talks about what Community really means. You cannot survive alone. Joining a group of 100 to 200, like-minded people is a far better way to go. more »

Module 6 [the "elite"]

Module 6- Inside Antonia brings you behind the scenes of a powerful corrupt group of extremely powerful people known only as the elite. With audio testimonial from JFK himself inside.  more »


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