Location Readings Now Available…

Location Readings Now Available…

For those who sense, feel and KNOW, they must prepare,  It breaks my heart to see them do so, in areas that will either not exist after the Major Earth changes or present them with severe environmental challenges, even more so than what would  have been necessarily be, due to the POOR choice of Location, based on the wrong factors.

Some believe they must purchase property, and as I state in my research my suggestion is, it may be best to ‘Lease with Option to Buy in 5 yrs’, so you will have more liquid funds to purchase supplies, equipment and necessities, for your needs. Friends, relatives, acquaintances, like minded individuals may also have land they actually offer land for free,  or at great discounts knowing they have safe location for themselves as well.

You must begin to utilize your ‘intuition’, despite following the ordinary lists of ‘Where Not


Location Readings

Safe Location

Safe Sanctuary

to Locate’. That, coupled with a Location Reading with me, should be able to help you, solve this issue, with much more confirmation. As ALL areas on the planet will be affected, many greater or lesser than others… this step is an essential… not just picking a location, because it ‘seems’ okay.

Location Reading: $125/hr or $62.50/hr


If you would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact me:

818 381-4902 or 818 457-6880; email: info@inthesecretgarden.com; Skype: antonia.lau

Wishing you well.

Antonia Lau


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