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Antonia Lau - Spiritual/Metaphysical Researcher, Teacher, Author, Speaker
Schedule your personal 1hr Psychic Reading with Master Psychic, ANTONIA LAU – Spiritual/Metaphysical Researcher, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Radio & Television Talk Show Host-

Psychic since early childhood, Antonia is a highly gifted Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and uses Tarot, Spiritual Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, and Graphology, as a 3rd point of reference only.

She is a highly developed, studied Professional with over 50,000 Readings, in over 30 yrs, with Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, and VPs of major corporations, along with Everyone from All walks of life.

Antonia ‘Sees & Hears’ your Own Guide/Guardian Angel as the main focus for your expertly, given Reading Consultation.

from the #1 Winner of the Lifetime TV Show ‘America’s Psychic Challenge’

Michelle Whitedove– told Antonia, (after extending another 1/2 hour after and Hour Reading with her) …”You know…I NEVER say this about a Psychic Reading…YOU’RE GOOD!…and I don’t say that!   May I have your card…because I’d like to put it on my website…and I only have one other person that I’d ever recommend…but I’d like to put yours up there too, because I can’t get to everyone!”

For Life Changing, Private Psychic Readings or Consultations by Phone or Skype  (PayPal Accepted )

(OR for Spiritual/ Metaphysical Lectures, or Classes)

Please Call (818) 457-6880 or (818) 381-4902 or email:

Readings are $250/hr or 1/2 Price IF you are a VIP Member of this Website

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