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Hide ATTENTION: You should watch ALL parts in the workshop, in the correct sequence; to best understand the impact these cataclysmic changes on Earth will have on you and what you can do to PROPERLY PREPARE.


In keeping with our aim to inform as many people as we can, about the impending events, here is one of Antonia Lau’s Workshops on the subject. This workshop, would normally cost $150 to attend, we are offering this to you for FREE.

This workshop, is designed to give you an overview of what the events are, the indicators, the sequence, the likely outcomes and what you need to do to prepare. Hopefully, it will provide the missing pieces of the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ and fill in the holes in your knowledge, to give you a much clearer understanding of the ‘Big Picture’.

Above all, please be open-minded and watch the complete series (in the correct sequence) BEFORE forming an opinion. The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open! Please consider what we are saying VERY carefully, as your life could depend on it. Then, use your free will to act upon the information or not.

If you wish to DONATE after you have watched the series, either by subscribing and becoming a member or by a one-time donation, please feel free to do so, with our sincere thanks. Your money will be put to the Highest use. ALL OF Your DONATION will go DIRECTLY towards building safe, sustainable, off-the-grid communities, to save as many people as we can.

It is clear, that when disaster strikes, our governments will NOT be there to help us. Their ONLY plan, is to help themselves. They have already built hundreds of well stocked, underground bunkers, with NO intention of alerting the rest of the population, because WE are NOT part of their plans. Obviously, we should follow their lead because they are aware of information which they are NEVER going to impart to us. WE, the rest of the population, must help ourselves, because THEY will not! This is YOUR Life…. YOUR choice!

Antonia Lau Best Disaster Survival Guide

  • Natural Earth and Cosmic Changes
  • Average Person’s Reaction
  • Dec 21, 2012 was NEVER the END but the BEGINNING
  • Don’t let Society determine how YOU think

  • The Elite control what we see and think
  • Tip of the Iceberg
  • What’s happening Worldwide
  • Dead birds and fish
  • Chem trails
  • Strange sounds- 7 Trumpets

  • Why isn’t this in the Media?
  • North American Craton is safe
  • Magnetic Pole Shift
  • New Equator

  • Antonia’s waking dreams
  • Tropical forest in Antarctica
  • The Earth’s new orientation
  • Safest places
  • What’s happening in the Cosmos

  • Magnetic Pole shifting
  • Changes in the Earth magnetic field
  • We CAN’T meditate this away
  • Galactic Centre
  • How did the Ancients know?
  • When the Earth stands still

  • When the food and water run out
  • Volcanic activity increasing
  • The safest way to live
  • Planet Nibiru on CNN
  • Proof that there ARE aliens

  • 97% of Aliens are benevolent
  • Why less than 10% of us, will survive
  • Meditate AND Prepare
  • Prepare for the RIGHT things
  • YOU need to rely on YOU

  • Prepare well ahead of time
  • Key Indicators
  • If you wait till it happens, you’re far too late
  • Insider information about the Elite’s plans

  • Military’s plans for  population control
  • 5 Levels of Participation- Which level are YOU?
  • Strategize YOUR Preparation
  • Antonia’s Predictions and Motivation
  • Recommended Watching

  • Pioneering new stage
  • The BEST kind of sustainable housing
  • Incredibly strong and safe
  • Practical, functional AND beautiful
  • Inexpensive
  • Normalcy will keep you sane

  • The Prophecies of Edgar Cayce
  • How the Earth will look AFTER the events
  • Canada will feed the World
  • Seed bank in Norway
  • Liquefaction in Japan
  • Considerations to keep you safe

  • Superior model community
  • Safe housing made from dirt
  • No more apathy- People are rising up!
  • Sustainable, safe, elegant communities
  • Work TOGETHER with Nature, for the good of ALL

Now you’ve seen all of the FREE modules, we follow up with a more in-depth course, available via VIP Membership, these modules provide a detailed, step by step, on what to do, so you can make properly informed decisions, for you and your loved ones.
VIP Membership is offered by monthly DONATION. We have purposely kept the cost as low as we can, so that we can reach and include, as many people as possible. We do not want to exclude anyone because of cost. ALL OF Your DONATION will go DIRECTLY towards building safe, sustainable, off-the-grid communities, to save as many people as we can.

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