How can YOU Contribute?

How can YOU Contribute?

There are several ways in which YOU can contribute to this most important project;

  • offering the use of land
  • gifting much needed goods and services
  • offering your time and skills
  • gathering useful, relevant information
  • monetary donations
  • advertising your business on Antonia’s show and/or this site

Whatever you can offer, will be greatly appreciated. Please email

ONE a global shift VIP membership

Become a VIP member

Right now, you can give directly, by becoming a VIP member and DONATING as little as $20 per month.

In return, you will join the ONE a Global Shift Community and receive access to much more detailed information, than that offered for free…. information which could literally mean the difference between life and death, for you and your loved ones.  You will also be able to meet many like-minded people, and share thoughts and ideas… You are NOT alone!  We are all in this TOGETHER.

VIP membership also gives you direct access to Antonia Lau and great discounts…. all while you are preparing to save lives, including your own.

Your subscriptions will go towards building safe communities and saving lives. Click Here to Become a VIP Member »


ONE a global shift financial donation

Financial Donation

While this project is all about saving people’s lives, it is a fact that building several, safe, sustainable, off-the-grid communities, will cost a great deal of money…. and our goal of creating at least 22 communities, will cost many millions of dollars…..

If you are TRULY on-board with what we are trying to do, then please understand that any money you have, in the current World climate, will soon be utterly useless and worthless, if you don’t put it to good use NOW.  You can’t afford to wait and see what happens, because it will be too late.

What better use can there be, than helping to save the lives of you and your fellow man? Please give freely, as much as you feel you can afford… Knowing, it will be put to the HIGHEST use.

May it return to you TENFOLD! Click Here to Make a Donation»View Page

Have a Great Idea? Share It.

Together we change the WorldIf you have any great ideas or useful information which you think might benefit the Community, please feel free to share them either in our forums or directly with Antonia by emailing

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we cant wait to get your feedback and expand ONE a global shift together



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